Tequila is an alcoholic spirit native to the city of Tequila in Jalisco, Mexico. The spirit can only be classified as Tequila if it is exclusively made from the blue agave plant. The ageing process determines the classification of Tequila.

Fuego takes great pride in its tequila and house infusions. Our tequila experts have carefully selected 32 different brands of Tequila to be served, to ensure that all our food can be paired with Tequila. Our tequila experts also take great care in creating 18 different types of house infusions. These house infusions can either be served as a shot, or are used to make our signature cocktails.

There are 4 types of Tequila - Tequila Blanco, Tequila Reposado, Tequila Anejo, and Tequila Extra Anejo.

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